Kai Bradbury

About Him

Name; Kai Bradbury
Date of Birth; January 9th, 1994
Born; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation; Actor
First Project; Lucifer (2016); 1 Episode [S02E10] Latest Project; Motherland: Fort Salem (2020); Recurring


Kai Bradbury was born on January 9th, 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is of Japanese and Scottish descent. Some of his interests include painting, drawing, singing, dancing and performing. Before becoming an actor, he had over seven years of experience in theater plays as he discovered his passion and love for acting at the age of 14. He grew up speaking Japanese with his mother and spent his 13 years of Elementary and High School in a French Immersion bilingual program.

He has been in the Vancouver and Edinburgh International Fringe Festivals and went on to attend Capilano University’s Musical Theater Program in North Vancouver, BC. It was there where he met his agent and began working in commercials, print, film and TV.

Various Facts

— These may still be true but they are a couple years old, so they could have changed slightly since then!

Personal Philosophy: You don’t HAVE to do it, you GET to do it. Focus your energy on what you love doing!
Work Highlight (2015/2016): Graduating from Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Program and shooting an international commercial in Mexico City for Nestlé!
Future Goals: Continue to work hard on improving my craft and to balance a career on stage and on film!

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