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Welcome to Kai Bradbury Central, your longest running and largest source for the rising Canadian star, Kai Bradbury. He's most known as Gerit Buttonwood in Motherland: Fort Salem and Denny in Virgin River. We will always provide you with the latest news, photos and more centered on Kai's career and projects.

Kai Bradbury

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Birth Name:Kai Bradbury
Place of Birth:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Birth:January 9, 1994
Occupation:Actor & Painter
First Project:Lucifer (2016)
Latest Project:Family Law (2021)
Social Media:InstagramTwitter

I never aim to emulate other artists and I’m terrible at narrowing down a name as a single inspiration. Every friend, mentor and peer has influenced how I work as an actor.

— Kai Bradbury from VENTS Magazine, 2020


Kai Bradbury was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on January 9, 1994 and is of Japanese (mother) and Scottish (father) descent. He grew up speaking Japanese with his mother and spent all thirteen years of his schooling, Elementary through High School, has been spent in a French Immersion Bilingual Program.

Kai discovered his passion and love for acting at the age of 14, as most of his teen years were spent in theatre plays; starring in many plays across Vancouver. He has starred in various plays at the Vancouver and Edinburgh International Fringe Festival before attending Capilano University’s Musical Theater Program in North Vancouver, BC. While at Capilano, Kai met his agent who helped him begin working in different commercials, print, film and television series.

Kai has many interests apart from acting, which include painting, drawing, singing, dancing and performing. He has shown off each of his talents throughout the years and even in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he has posted about getting back into painting and drawing since he has a bit more time.

His first acting role was in Lucifer‘s season two episode, Quid Pro Ho in 2016, where he was more of a background character as he didn’t speak and only played the role of Triad Member. Over the next couple years, Kai would continue with different minor roles such as: Kempeitai Officer in The Man in the Castle (S02E03 — 2016), Lyle’s Friend in Menendez: Blood Brothers (2017), Matthew // Derryck Anda in Untold Stories of the ER (2017), Tadao in Altered Carbon (2018), Olympic Swimmer in The Simone Biles Story (2018 — Scene was cut from movie) and Casey in Supernatural (S13E15 — 2018).

Kai’s first breakout role was in the mini-web series, Warigami, where he played the main character, Vincent Ohata. This marked Kai’s first Main role as well as the first time that Kai started getting noticed as all ten episodes of the series was put together as an hour and a half movie released through The CW Seed App in 2019.

Following Warigami, Kai went back to the minor roles as he starred in The Boys (2019) as The Female’s Brother (Age 17) and as Nick Okada in The Terror (2019). He would reappear what is now known as his most popular series, where he gained worldwide recognition and love as Gerit Buttonwood in Motherland: Fort Salem (2020), where he’s a recurring character.

Kai’s future projects include Family Law, Dead End and Stargazed, which are all expected to drop sometime in 2021.

This biography and anything compiled together on this page has been curated and styled by Kai Bradbury Central, if used elsewhere we just ask that credit is given where it’s due since this information is not widely available.

Quick Facts

NOTE: Some facts are from a couple years ago, which means these facts may slightly differ from how he is now.

  • Personal Philosophy: “You don’t HAVE to do it, you GET to do it. Focus your energy on what you love doing!”
  • Work Highlight: “Graduating from Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Program and shooting an international commercial in Mexico City for Nestlé!” (2015 / 2016 — The commercial would be his Hot Pockets Commercial)
  • Future Goals: “Continue to work hard on improving my craft and to balance a career on stage and on film!”
  • Name Meaning: Kai’s name means “Ocean” in Japanese as the Japanese character for Kai translates to Ocean.

  • Happy New Year 2024!!
  • 02/21/24: "Wild Cards" S1E6 Premiere
  • 02/18/24: "Sight Unseen" S1E5 Premiere
  • 2024/2025: "Virgin River" Season 6 Premiere
Current Projects
Virgin River
Seeking a fresh start, a nurse practitioner Melinda Monroe, moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town and is surprised by what and who she finds.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Ghost Island: Season 3 will follow this new group of kids as they go on what they thought would be a fun summer vacation on a resort island, until they learn about something sinister haunting the guests.
Dead End
Tackling the current uncertainty of the world, our story follows high schoolers weighed down by the fear of the future losing themselves in a whirlpool of a graduation party to ignore their anxieties… also the world is ending.
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