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Currently streaming on The CW/CW Seed, Warigami sees Kai Bradbury star as Vincent Ohana, who, alongside his sister (Emily Piggford) finds out that they, together, have the ability to weaponize paper. Interesting concept, right? But wait! There’s more! From there, the duo team up on their mission to save their abducted grandfather and reclaim a magical scroll from a mysterious shadow organization. Further, also set to appear on Freeform’s upcoming series, Motherland: Fort Salem, Bradbury discussed both projects and more! Is his Motherland: Fort Salem character a part of an endgame couple? Read what Bradbury had to say…

  • W: They say “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but on Warigami (now streaming on CW Seed), paper takes on a deadly life of its own as well! What made working on this show such a neat project for you? Was your first introduction to the show the description of the show or had you already read the script? How did that come about?
  • Kai Bradbury: It was Thanksgiving Weekend and I had just shot a project in Toronto and was flying home. As I got off the plane I received the breakdown for ‘Warigami’ and saw that it was shooting in Toronto as well and my audition tape was due the next day. Got it done in time and pretty soon after, I was cast and began working on the script! It was really wonderful to work on such unique and funny scenes alongside a diverse cast of such multitalented artists. 
  • W: Warigami plays like a movie when viewed on CW Seed but it originally aired as a 10-part miniseries on CBC, the ending of which leaves off with a cliffhanger! Any news on a continuation? 
  • KB: We do leave the audience on quite the cliffhanger! I would love to explore what this unlikely gang might get up to next but I don’t have news yet on a second film or series, yet.
  • W: Where could you see the continuation going? Both overall and perhaps your character specifically? There’s a car waiting outside… 
  • KB: I think we’ve barely scratched the surface on where these powers can take us. My character Vincent, now possessing the ultimate power, needs to diffuse it back to the scroll and as mentioned, we might have to go to Japan to do it. That car I imagine is taking us to the airport, but what mystery and threat might try and stop us before we even get there? We’ll have to see!
  • W: Warigami also seems to allow for the future potential of doing more stunt work? Is any form of onscreen stunt work something you’d look forward to going into other projects?
  • KB: I would love to continue to work on stunts in any future project. Like most of our main cast, I came in with a dance background so the movement and athleticism is an aspect I appreciate. For the action/adventure genre, it’s amazing to see the work of stunt performers shine and being on set to watch them work and guide us was a treat.   
  • W: It was recently announced that you’re set to recur on Freeform’s upcoming Motherland: Fort Salem (premiere date unannounced at this time) as Gerit Buttonwood. Can you tell us a bit more about the show and tease anything about your character?
  • KB: Motherland: Fort Salem is set in an alternate history where the witches cut a deal with the government and militarize their magic to defend and fight on behalf of the US military. Present day, we follow young witches going through infantry training and prepare to fight looming dangers. Gerit arrives at Fort Salem and quickly falls for Tally (Jessica Sutton) and we get to glimpse some budding young love in an intense and harsh military school setting.  
  • W: Any idea on whether your Motherland: Fort Salem role could go on to continue for future seasons? If so, anything you are able to share with fans who are sure to follow the show and your character?
  • KB: I can’t give away any spoilers, but I’m looking forward to the audience getting to follow Gerit’s journey with the witches of Salem. Where there’s magic, there’s a way. 
  • W: Should they be excited for Gerit to be involved in any ships?
  • KB: Absolutely! I think Gerit and Tally (Jessica Sutton) are the ultimate “ship”! Hope everyone has as much fun coming up with “ship” names as Jessica and I did on set.    
  • W: Are there any projects out there that you’d love to be a part of? How so, if so? Is there a particular dream role on your mind?
  • KB: Because I’ve mainly worked in TV, I’m itching to work on a feature. I would love to sneak into the Crazy Rich Asians franchise – what a celebration of diversity and looks like a lot of fun to be a part of.  
  • W: Anything you’d like to say to those reading and watching?
  • KB: Thank you for your support by reading and watching! It means a lot to have people support young and diverse upcoming artists! Catch me on The CW’s Warigami now streaming on The CW Seed app and look out for Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem, premiere announcement coming soon! The trailer is already out!

  • Happy New Year 2024!!
  • 02/21/24: "Wild Cards" S1E6 Premiere
  • 02/18/24: "Sight Unseen" S1E5 Premiere
  • 2024/2025: "Virgin River" Season 6 Premiere
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