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Asienne Magazine

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NOTE: This video was entirely transcribed by Kai Bradbury Central for better understanding of his interview with Asienne Magazine.

  • Kai: Hey everbody, how’s it going? It’s Kai Bradbury and we’re about to answer some questions!
  • Asienne: How have you been keeping busy since lockdowns started?
  • Kai: A whole lot of all kinds of different things, I like to cook a lot. I like to read, I like to draw, some home workouts, some zoom and skype calls with friends and family. I think everyone’s kind of finding their groove slowly. Uh.. I definitely have my ups and downs like everybody does. It’s great to see so many people doing their part and staying inside and self-isolating because that’s what we need to do.
  • Asienne: Being Japanese, Scottish and Venezuelan, what culture do you identify with the strongest and why?
  • Kai: Being born in Canada, I find a lot of people share multiple cultures, backgrounds, languages within their families. Every single part of my family has given me different cultures and languages and practices that we all like to celebrate together and so I definitely can’t pick one of any of the others. I think when you’re identified with a lot of different cultures that means you’re very Canadian.
  • Asienne: What’s your favorite cultural food?
  • Kai: Hmm.. Impossible, my all-time favorite go to cultural foods are Japanese and Indian absolutely. Although, I love all kinds of food. I’m always hungry, all the time.
  • Asienne: What’s your favorite language and your favorite work in that language?
  • Kai: So I grew up speaking English, French, Japanese and a little bit of Spanish. I have always had dreams of being a polyglot and I wouldn’t say I’m really fluent in any of them. I’d say my favorite language to speak is Japanese, like many children of immigrants, one has multiple first words in different languages. My first word in English was light and my first word in Japanese was motto (もっと) which means “more” indicating more food but I think my favorite word in Japanese is shiawase which is like paradise, it means total bliss and happiness and when I go to visit my grandparents in Japan, my grandma always says that word and it means a lot.
  • Asienne: Describe what it’s like working with George Takei in one word.
  • Kai: How? How could one possibly do that? Actually, right now the day I’m filming this is George Takei’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday George. I think my word for working with George Takei is Awestruck. There’s something just so kind of incredible watching him work. How, how much he’s at ease, how much he is so caring and giving to the people around him and after all these years his work, you know, remains effortless and his commitment is incredible.
  • Asienne: What’s your all-time favorite musical?
  • Kai: Of all-time? I love when people ask me about musicals because that’s what I went to University for. Again, I’m not very good at selecting one thing, ever. Pretty indecisive. My favorite musicals have to be: Little Women, In The Heights, Next to Normal, Sweeney Todd, Dogfight. I love how I was asked for one and I just… yeah. Spring Awakening, Children of Eden.
  • Asienne: Can you give us a sample of you singing your favorite song?
  • Kai: Again. I can’t pick favorite songs, it’s not a thing that I can do. On the topic of musicals, South Pacific was actually my first musical that I ever did and happens to be the first movie musical date night that my British grandparents went on, so very special show to me and my family.

    “Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger, you may see a stranger across a crowded room and fly to her side and make her your own. And all through your life you may dream all alone.”

    It’s been a while since I sang.
  • Asienne: After lockdown is over, where would you like to go travel next?
  • Kai: I am a hugely avid traveler and I miss it a lot! My entire life since I could read, I’ve wanted to go to India. My, my grandparents’ library had a collection of encyclopedias, Encyclopedia Britannica’s as it were and I remember looking at this grainy black and white picture of the Taj Mahal and thinking, I either have been there in a past life or I need to get myself there like as soon as possible. Um.. so India is definitely at the top of my life for travel, I really want to go to Southeast Asia. I want to do Singapore, and Thailand and Bali. I have to go visit my co-star Jessica Sutton in Motherland: Fort Salem and see her in South Africa. So many things, so many places, so little time!

    I’m dying to travel! So, as soon as this is over, it’s time!

    Thanks everyone for hanging out with me, I had a blast answering these questions. Please watch Motherland: Fort Salem on Freeform and Hulu and have a great day, bye!

  • Happy New Year 2024!!
  • 02/21/24: "Wild Cards" S1E6 Premiere
  • 02/18/24: "Sight Unseen" S1E5 Premiere
  • 2024/2025: "Virgin River" Season 6 Premiere
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