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Just because someone is a love interest on Motherland: Fort Salem, doesn’t mean that they just fade into the background of the main characters storyline. Sometimes that love interest stands by the main character, through thick and thin, and comes out as not only a love interest but an interesting person.

That’s where Kai Bradbury’s Gerit Buttonwood comes in. We got a chance to speak with Bradbury about playing Gerit, romancing Jessica Sutton’s Tally Craven, and what representation means to him in Motherland: Fort Salem. Because what Bradbury signals is change and we are here for it!

Ever since Crazy Rich Asians we’ve seen a shift in Asian men as the love interest in the media we consume. How has that shift affected you, especially as the love interest on Motherland: Fort Salem?

I’m so glad you raised that topic. That is a very important subject to me. It has been fantastic seeing this shift and having Henry Golding leading that growth in representation, it’s fantastic. The role of Gerit Buttonwood on Motherland was initially not tied to any race so I found that a big honor to be cast despite them looking for no race in particular.

Being a love interest of Asian descent is a dream and I hope that even if I do it on a smaller scale like Henry Golding did for myself when I first saw Crazy Rich Asians. If I can inspire an Asian American male in the States or the world, even if just a little bit, that would be huge for me. To have other people like me, for them to see they can be objects of desire as it were. And that they can feel attractive or handsome as well.

How was it working with the talented Jessica Sutton during the Beltane episode?

She is a bundle of joy. Jessica is incredibly hard working and such a giving scene partner. Shooting episode 4 was probably my favorite. I just love when there’s big sets, and big casts, and challenging things to do. And episode 4, Hail Beltane, was just a blast.

Is there more to come when it comes to Tally and Gerit? What can you tease?

Hmmmm. My hands are tied a little bit there. They have a pretty strong connection so, I don’t know. I would count on Gerit and Tally finding a way to see each other again soon.

Can we expect some more back story when it comes to Gerit?

Honestly, not a lot more backstory for Gerit. He’s there to support Tally and her story arc. We’re just gonna see a lot more of Gerit in the now.

And finally, what advice would you give to your fans during this time of self isolation and quarantine?

Get your faces into the sun. See that there is still a world outside. Stay positive. I know I’ve had my ups and downs as everyone has. Keep busy and try minimize time spent on screens. I’m sure everyone’s screen time counts are off the charts. It’s time to cook a little bit more, draw a bit more, and read a little bit more.

Motherland: Fort Salem airs Wednesdays 9/8c on Freeform.

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