Kai Puts a Spell on You with Teenplicity!


You can click above for the full article, as this post will only give a few excerpts of the entire interview. 🙂 It’s a great 5 minute read, the excerpts are posted under the read more.

Once you get a group of young creatives that are all like-minded and all from different parts of the world, you just get a great time.

Kai is quick to defend Gerit when he’s called a flirt though. “The male witches are instructed to mix and mingle with all the witches at Fort Salem so they’re not supposed to be really spending all that time together with one person,” he says, adding that this helps enforce the secrecy of their relationship. “I think in that way, it’s a little bit of a forbidden romance as well.”

The actor reflects on what it has been like to be on the receiving end of such enthusiasm. “Wow it is… there’s no words. It really is something so special because we started shooting this show almost a year ago and once you wrap, it kind of disappears and you just don’t know how it’s gonna turn out and how it’s gonna be received. This was my first time live-tweeting a show with the premieres. Really getting to interact at this level with the fans is so special and it truly means the world to myself and to the rest of the cast that people are really standing behind out show because I think it has a lot of great messages.” He concludes, the grin palpable in his voice, “It’s also super entertaining!”

“Every project I’ve had the pleasure to work on has been challenging in their own way. As I progress in my career, I learn a little bit more about each aspect of what it takes to make a show happen,” Kai says. When asked to compare Motherland: Fort Salem to his other projects like Warigami, he says, “They’re different for me in terms of content. In Warigami, I had more fights to do; I had no romantic storyline. Whereas I’m doing quite the opposite in this one. I’m doing almost no fighting at all and lots of romance.” He lets out a small laugh at the realization of how different the two characters are before continuing. “I think fundamentally the characters are very different but they both share this kind of whimsical fantasy genre.”


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